Moved farther into the forest.

Russ and his awesome bike has been bopping along the dirt roads and he found a great camp away from things that make my grrls bark, like people walking by with dogs, driving by with dogs, etc. This is the kinda camp I love, nice and secluded. 


Cottonwood, AZ

We got here last night. After visiting my usual haunts which were fenced off or occupied, I settled at a spot at the entrance. It wasn’t bad, noise level was better than a truck stop.  I’ve never seen it so crowded though.  Oh well, I’m staying 2 weeks anyway.  

Directions are take 260 north from I-17 at Camp Verde. From Cottonwood, it’s 4 miles from Wal-Mart

West of us is Mingus mountain.

See, even Thousand Trails is crowded across the highway. 

River found a bone already!

Took some wildflower pictures for later studying purposes.

Winds ablowin’

Last night at the fire Russ thought it’d be a good idea to do the Macarena and people joined in.

Russ looks like he’s really into it.   🙂

This morning Meagan left with her daughter. Sarah. So we had a sendoff with banana bread and coffee.

This afternoon 30 mile an hour winds blew through camp, blowing things around. I gave up chasing things around. The way it’s blowing it all goes into the wash anyway and it’ll be blowing again tomorrow.

If I don’t blow away, I’ll write again in a few days.

Happy birthday to me!

Well, I made it to 51. Woohoo!

Had a get together this morning with friends, had lemon poppyseed cake and coffee. 

Diane tried to sing the happy birthday song while I tried to shut her up but she kept going til the end. I’m so glad they didn’t give me 51 whacks!

Wind picked up in the afternoon 24 mph and rain threatening, but nothing so far at 430.

If it doesn’t rain, I’ll go for another round of insanity in a few hours.