Moved farther into the forest.

Russ and his awesome bike has been bopping along the dirt roads and he found a great camp away from things that make my grrls bark, like people walking by with dogs, driving by with dogs, etc. This is the kinda camp I love, nice and secluded. 


Rise up! Warning: Not for liberals!

I watched another video of girls being attacked by muslims. Please! I love reading about history and there are lots of strong women who fought for themselves and others. Be brave! When confronted by hyenas, stare them down! Have a few weapons of your own. Learn Krav Maga, have a bag full of coins. fight with household items, such as Combs, pens, knives. whatever is useful as a weapon.

Do not be a victim! Be strong! And show your strength!
Men, show your strength also, do not let them touch your family or friends.

Leave some tools in your car, put a sack full of nuts or bolts in your jacket pocket. Learn Krav Maga, too.
Come on Swedes, Brits and French, to heck with your politicians, stand up! This is your countries, take it back.

Notice that I didn’t mention Germans. Until they get rid of Merkle, they’re lost.

Remember, only you can prevent Muslim invaders.

Oh, when confronted by a burka, unmask it. There have been a couple of stories of men masquerading as women to hide or commit crimes.

Please share!

I’m getting old

About 8 years ago I was working production. One day I was breaking down boxes and working too fast and not paying attention and I sliced along the vein. As I get older, the nerve pain gets more frequent. (circled area)

I have to be careful when I wash the area and if I twist it a certain way it hurts for awhile.

I’m just griping because I’m feeling my age. 

Deeply saddened

I’m​ afraid for my family in France. I found out today that Macron got elected president.

I was hoping for La Pen, she had the potential to turn France around. 

All I can do is pray.

Yes, Europe is lost. Germany and Sweden was already lost, now France will go down with the rest.

Bumps in the road

My enemies are tiring me.  I’ve been doing this for about 4-5 years. 
This has been going on for 3 years now, but I didn’t worry about it until earlier this spring I heard about the main spreader of crap is holding a newbie talk every year. Now me being the introvert that I am, I’ve been camping on the outskirts of the main RTR camp, so when I go for a walk, I’ve been getting some glares. Then I find out this “woman” has been spreading nasty rumors about me.

That I wasn’t to be trusted and worse yet, she’s telling people that I’m having inappropriate relations with my son. I don’t know what to do without suing her for slander. I guess I’ll just send this to those in the vandweller circles and see if things die down.